Traditional Blue Floral Cloisonne Cremation Urn


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Heart Stand:

The Traditional Blue Floral Cloisonne Cremation Urn is created using an intricate metalworking process and multiple layers of fired enamel over copper or brass.  Each urn is individually hand-crafted so each urn will be unique in design and coloring, making every urn a work of art.  The large urn and matching keepsake have threaded lids.  The heart keepsake has a threaded closure on the underside.

These are not sold as a set.  The Large Urn, Heart Keepsake, and Matching Keepsake are sold separately.  Please select the size you wish to order.  The heart stand is not included with the heart keepsake but can be purchased for an additional fee.

The Large urn measures 9.5"(H) x 7"(W) and holds 200 cubic inches.

The Extra small urn measures 5.9"(H) x 4.3"(W) and holds 50 cubic inches.

The Heart keepsake is 3"(H) x 2.7"(W) x 1.25"(D) and holds approximately 4 cubic inches. 

The Matching keepsake is 3"(H) x 2.2"(W) and holds approximately 2 cubic inches.

Usually ships next business day after order is placed.  Ships from the Midwest.

Expedited shipping available.