Unity Heart Floral Earth Cremation Urn

Unity Heart Floral Earth Cremation Urn
Unity Heart Floral Earth Cremation Urn Unity Floral Companion Urn Unity Floral Oversize Urn


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Unity Heart Floral Earthurns are made by sustainably harvesting the bark of the mulberry tree and making that into a paper pulp into which fresh flower petals are imbedded.  This pulp  is then sun dried before being fabricated into urns. These urns are attractive and durable and are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional burial.

These urns do not have any metal or plastic components; they will biodegrade naturally over time. The time it takes them to break down will vary depending on depth of burial, temperature, and wetness of soil.

This popular heart shaped urn is available in three sizes:

Mini: Perfect size for the symbolic scattering of a portion of the cremated remains.  Also suitable as an infant or child cremation urn. The urn measures 4.75"(W) x 4.25"(D) x 3.25"(H) and has a volume of 60 cubic inches

Adult: Suitable to hold the cremated remains of an adult. The urn measures 8"(W) x 5"(D) x 6.5"(H) and has a volume of 200 cubic inches.

Oversize: Can be used for the cremains of two people with combined weights of less than 360 lbs,  or for one large adult weighing less than 380 lbs. THIS URN HAS ONLY ONE COMPARTMENT.  The urn measures 9"(W) x 8"(D) x 7"(H) and has a volume of 360 cubic inches.

Companion: Can be used for the cremains of two adults. THIS URN HAS TWO COMPARTMENTS.  Each compartment holds 200 cubic inches. The urn measures 11"(W) x 8.5"(D) x 7.25"(H)

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