Urns and Air Travel

Traveling with cremation urns is now harder. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has heightened security restrictions on air travel in regards to cremation urns. 

In addition, some airlines will NOT allow cremated remains as checked baggage. So please check with the airline before transporting a crematory container in checked baggage. 

The TSA procedures state that any cremation urn must pass through x-ray and security screening successfully. This means some urns will not pass the screening. The TSA cannot state for certain whether your particular crematory container can successfully pass through an x-ray machine. 

If you want to carry on your loved one's remains you must use a container that can pass screening. These containers are usually a temporary urn made of plastic, cardboard, thin wood, or silk. Note, that out of consideration, the TSA screener may not open your cremation urn, even if you request it.If the x-ray does not work then the next option is to check the remains as checked baggage. In this case, the crematory container will undergo testing for explosive devices and, if cleared, will be permitted as checked baggage. 
Before traveling we suggest you check the latest rules at the TSA website

Most of our urns except the metal urns will pass through the X-Ray machines. These include natural stone, cultured marble, wood, glass and ceramic urns.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about anything including transporting cremains.

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